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Ortho-K in Norwalk

clipart 018Have you ever wished you could say good-bye to your eyeglasses or contact lenses for good, but couldn't qualify or weren't interested in LASIK and other surgical eye procedures? Well, now you can get perfect vision without qualifying or volunteering for eye surgery!

Orthokeratology (also called ortho-k), is a vision correction procedure which requires no surgery, and involves special gas permeable contact lenses, worn only at night, while you sleep. These lenses gently reshape your cornea and correct your vision. Your vision is corrected while you sleep, and each morning, when you wake up, all you need to do is take out your contact lenses and enjoy improved eyesight up to 20/20 all day.

Those with mild to moderate nearsightedness, with or without astigmatism can benefit from ortho-k lenses. Risk for ortho-k is quite minimal. Ortho-k patients can discontinue at any time without adverse effects, as your eyes will return to their original shape after only a few days of discontinued use of the specialty contacts. Those who use Ortho-k  can also still choose LASIK in the future. Although Ortho-k lenses are primarily prescribed to correct nearsightedness, they also may be used to correct astigmatism, farsightedness and, in some cases even presbyopia.

During your specialized ortho-k fitting at our Norwalk, CT office, Dr. Arkin and Dr. Folman will ensure you are a good candidate for ortho-k lenses and take measurements to ensure a proper, comfortable and safe fit for your lenses. The measurement procedure is painless and takes roughly 60 seconds. Drs. Arkin and Folman will then have a detailed picture of the unique topography of your eye, and will either fit you from an in-office inventory of ortho-k lenses, or may order a custom pair for fitting at a later appointment. The first pair or two of lenses are usually temporary, in order to start the process of re-shaping your cornea. By the third pair, most people can expect to reach their fullest level of vision correction.

The amount of time it takes to begin experiencing a change of vision with ortho-k varies from person to person. Some people may have great vision after a day or two of using ortho-k lenses overnight, whereas those that require a stronger prescription may take up to a few weeks before attaining the full benefit.

Ortho-k lenses are highly specialized and only specially certified optometrists are able to provide fittings for these lenses. For more information, and to see if ortho-k lenses are a suitable solution for you, make an appointment with us today!


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